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Djeco Princess Stories to Create

Djeco Princess Stories to Create5

Djeco Princesses Story to Create stamp and stencil set for girls aged 6 to 10 to create their own stories fun creative gift...

Special OfferDjeco Knights Stories to Create

Djeco Knights Stories to Create4

Djeco Knights Stories to Create rubber stamp and stencil art kit for children to create fun artwork, cartoons and drawings...

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Special OfferDjeco Stamps Beneath The Sea

Djeco Stamps Beneath The Sea5

16 fun sea life pictures to print with rubber stamps in this Djeco ink stamping gift set for creative children age 4 to 8...

Djeco 10% Off£13.49£14.99
Aladine Baby Stamp Farm

Aladine Baby Stamp Farm5

Aladine Baby Stamp Farm rubber stamping and washable ink set gift introduces creative fun to children from 18 months of age...

Aquarellum Mermaids Painting Set

Aquarellum Mermaids Painting Set

Four beautiful mermaid paintings for girls to complete from fabulous French brand Aquarellum with full english instructions...

Aquarellum Junior Butterflies

Aquarellum Junior Butterflies5

Paint four beautiful Butterflies with this art gift set for kids from fantastic French brand Aquarellum ideal for girls ...

Fingerprint Art Secret Garden

Fingerprint Art Secret Garden

Create Finger Print Friends with this fun creative activity gift set for children from innovative UK company Meadow Kids...

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Fairy Garden Stamp Set

Fairy Garden Stamp Set

Beautifully crafted children's wooden Fairy Garden Stamp Set from award winning Melissa & Doug with letters and number stamps...

Easel Accessory Set

Easel Accessory Set5

Melissa & Doug Easel Accessory Set children's painting and drawing gift with kids paints, brushes, cups, chalks and art paper...

Deluxe Easel

Deluxe Easel5

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Easel for childrens art floor standing double sided chalk and white board kids easel with paper roll...

Art and Crafts
Clay Modelling and Plaster Kits

Clay Modelling and Plaster Kits

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Crayola Model Magic White

Crayola Model Magic White 4

Crayola Model Magic White 1kg bucket of air dry clay that can be painted and decorated ideal for childrens modelling projects...

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Crayola Model Magic Coloured

Crayola Model Magic Coloured 5

Crayola Model Magic Coloured air dry clay for children soft easy to use and light kids modelling clay large bucket size ...

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Creativity for Kids Ancient Egypt Mummies & More

Creativity for Kids Ancient Egypt Mummies & More 5

Let the kids explore Egyptian history in a hands on way with the Creativity for Kids Ancient Egypt Mummies & More model kit...

Djeco Light Clay

Djeco Light Clay 5

Djeco Light Clay six tubs of easy to use air dry clay to extend the life of Djeco clay modelling kits for younger children ...

Djeco Light Clay Super Heroes

Djeco Light Clay Super Heroes 5

Build fun clay Super Hero models with this Djeco Light Clay modelling set, let them air dry and then its a play set toy!...

Djeco Light Clay Western

Djeco Light Clay Western

Djeco Light Clay Western build fun clay models, let them air dry and then play great small gift set for younger children...

Djeco Light Clay Princess

Djeco Light Clay Princess

Djeco Light Clay Princess for younger children to make fun air dry clay models to play with is a fun creative gift idea...

Super Modelling Clay

Super Modelling Clay

Super easy to use air dry modelling material from Melissa & Doug is ideal for younger children for clay model making fun...

New Product Dinosaur Fossils

Dinosaur Fossils

Have fun being a paleontologist and Dig A Dino Skeleton while learning all about fossilisation with this kids science kit...

New Product Dig a Stegosaurus Skeleton

Dig a Stegosaurus Skeleton

Have fun being a paleontologist with this Natural History Museum Dig A Skeleton craft kit, excavate and build a scale model...

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New Product Pirate Modelling Dough

Pirate Modelling Dough

create pirate figurines with dough by Belguim Toy Company Egmont...

New Product Dig a Velociraptor Skeleton

Dig a Velociraptor Skeleton

Have fun being a paleontologist with this Natural History Museum Dig A Skeleton craft kit, excavate and build a scale model...

New Product Jewellery Modelling Dough

Jewellery Modelling Dough

create hairclips and rings with dough by Belguim Toy Company Egmont...


Boys & girls alike love the tactile feel of clay and plaster and Crafts4Kids ever popular range of children’s clay kits includes Crayola Model Magic, 4M Toys Mould and Paint Kids Plaster Modelling Kits, Djeco Light Clay, Magic Choc Modelling Chocolate (yes indeed!) providing the opportunity for kids to use both modern and traditional modelling materials - ideal for those homework projects and great gifts for creative children who love to make and model!  

Creating models is a fun art and craft activity for children of all ages and great for developing fine motor skills - more simply put the ability to use fingers and hands to manipulate objects and tools - working with clay and other modelling materials provides tactile pleasure and allows real creative scope for kids as they are starting from scratch.  Modelling with clay is a great way to spend a few hours in its own right but can also be part of a wider scheme of play - for example making props for a puppet show, play food for dolls and teddies, scenery items for a model railway, items for play characters and is a fun idea for a children's party too.  Times have moved on and the modern lightweight modelling clay is easy to use (such as Crayola Model Magic and Djeco Light Clay) and comes in vibrant long lasting colours (coloured clay such as Sculpey children can produce stunning results easily) and if the kids want to do papier mache even that comes in a ready mix version!  Crafts4Kids stocks a clay kit to suit every child and a great range of modeling basics that are ideal for school projects. Crafts4Kids your online toy shop for kids clay and plaster kit gifts.