4M Easy To Do Window Mosaic -
Girl 3 designs

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Easy to do window mosaic, choose from 3 designs

4M Fairy Window Mosaic 4M Mermaid Window Mosaic 4M Princess Window Mosaic 4M Window Mosaics
4M Princess Window Mosaic

Mosaic making has never been so easy. No glue is needed and the innovative easy-to-stick mosaic pieces will stay on like magic.

Simply follow the design template provided and make a colourful mosaic picture to hang on your window - choose from the fairy, mermaid or princess and let the sun shine through and turn your window into a vibrant display.

A great crafty activity to help co-ordination and concentration with very little mess, suitable for 7 years+

4M Easy-To-Do Window Mosaic 00-04565 - Fairy, Mermaid or Princess

  • 100s of rectangular, transparent colour mosaic pieces for making the background
  • 1 set of pre-cut, shaped mosaic pieces for the main image
  • 1 design template
  • 1 transparent board
  • 4 suction cups
  • Detailed instructions
  • Finished picture measures 26 x 26cm
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