4M KidzLabs Bubble Science

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Play bubble tricks and learn the science of bubbles while having fun!

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4M KidzLabs Bubble Science 4M KidzLabs Bubble Science
4M KidzLabs Bubble Science

Explore the wobbly science of bubble making with the 4M Bubble Science Kit. The experiments in this kit include creating an unbreakable bubble, a giant bubble, a bubble film, and more. This kit includes a variety of bubble-making frames to experiment with different bubble sizes and shapes. Includes recipes to make your own high-quality bubble mixture.

Detailed instructions for use and care are included.

Recommended for ages 5 years and up.


4M KidzLabs Kitchen Science  for children 5+ years

  • Set contains Bubble Tray, Plastic Ring, Pyramid Framed Wand, Cube Framed Wand
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