4M Illusion Science

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Amaze friends and family with 20 exciting illusion tricks, suitable from 7 years

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4M Illusion Science 4M Illusion Science
4M Illusion Science

Children won't believe their eyes with this illusion science kit! Children can experiment with over 20 optic activities and learn the scientific explanations behind them, including tricks like the illusion spinner, 3D pictures, the classic morph illusion and benham disk.

This great science kit for kids comes packed in a neat hand carry pouch bag and will guarantee hours of fun. Handy enough for travel or encourage children to perform show and tell or challenge their friends to guess how it's done!

4M Illusion Science 00-03256 from 7 years

  • Handy illusion booklet with 21 classic illusion tricks and explanations
  • 3D glasses
  • Spinning top, 4 spinning top pattern sheets
  • 2 3D drawing markers - 1 red and 1 blue
  • 3D marker holder
  • Pouch bag for storing all the above
  • Detailed instructions
  • Box dimensions 21 x 17 x 6cm


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