4M KidzLabs Mould & Paint Glow Human Skeleton

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Build a fantastic glow in the dark replica of a Human Skeleton with this great glow magnet set!

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4M KidzLabs Glow Human Skeleton
4M KidzLabs Glow Human Skeleton

Kids can create their own glow in the dark, magnetic human skeleton wall chart!

There is so much to do!  First make your plaster skeleton, when dry add the shaped magnets and paint.  Assemble the skeleton on the wall chart and label the pieces of skeleton.

Use the enclosed w-rays to learn about your own bones too!  

A fascinating set of activities to aid learning about how skeletons support the human body.

4M KidzLabs Glow Human Skeleton  00-03375

  • Set contains:Plaster and skeleton moulds, Paint and glow in the dark paint and brush, Self-adhesive shaped magnets, Wall chart (42 x 29.5 cms), 3 x-rays, instructions

  • Also required but not included: an old mixing bowl, an old spoon, water, old towel or cloth and a pair of scissors.

  • Age 8+ years
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