A is for Art

A is for Art

All our children  love painting and creating their own masterpieces.  We have been so impressed with the French brand Aquarellum that we have been expanding it year on year.  JThe Aquarellum Junior range is suitable from 6 years and up and the Grand Model is for ages 8 years and up, featuring more intricate designs.

The Aquarellum secret is in the invisible wax resist process which means the paint only goes where it should giving professional, neat results everytime.  With artist quality paints and up to four intricate designs, these children's art sets last a long time, being a rewarding project that they can keep coming back to.

The Junior range is ideal for children 5 years+ and are far superior to the typical paint by numbers for kids, each Aquarellum junior art board has a pre-printed picture with faint guide lines created via a wax mask on top of high quality watercolour vellum paper.The wax acts as a barrier when children are painting making their artwork neat while the vellum paper soaks up the liquid paint making the vivid colours seem to appear as if by magic. The liquid paint can be applied repeatedly to the area in question until the results are just perfect.


We also offer a range of designs for older children or even adults to create.  New from Aquarellum are painting on silk kits -  perfect for beginners to create silk squares decorated with intricate designs which can be used as scarfs, head bands, tied to bags or sewn into cushions.

We now stock a range of aquarellum refill pages for the Junior sets as you usually have quite a bit of paint left over.

So have a look at our website to see the full fantastic range we have to offer - Aquarellum

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