D is for Den Building

D is for Den Building

Den Building is fantastic weekend or school holiday fun. Creative and imaginative fun with a bit of science and engineering thrown in! Our children come back to their dens day after day, extending, improving, decorating and simply enjoying the space that they have created. They can be created outdoors when the weather is fine and indoors when cold and wet.

A homemade den can be anything your child wants it to be, Spy Headquarters, Café, Magic Cave, Castle, Chillout Zone – leave it to their imagination. Best of all it can be a different place each day! A brilliant way to let the children's imagination run wild with all the adventures they can have.

Simple Materials


You could go to the woods to gather sticks or gather washed up wood from the beach or river banks. Alternatively you can use bamboo canes ,old broom handles, cardboard boxes or tent poles and  pegs.

Or if having to build inside the dining/ kitchen table are an ideal starting point, just add a few old blankets and sheets.

Walls & Roofs

Tarpaulins, old sheets, garden netting, cardboard boxes.

Joining Materials

Masking tape is easy to use, most children can manage cable ties alternatively older children may manage eyelet punch. The children can even raid your peg bag. Mine have even been know to use hair bobbles!


With the structure in place, painting and decorating can begin!  Netting walls could have flowers and leaves threaded in.  

Old sheets and cardboard boxes can be decorated with finger paints, chalks, glitter, potato printing or fabric pens

Tarpaulin although more waterproof is a bit more tricky to decorate but decorations could be attached with simple stitching or stapling.

Don't forget some comfy rugs & blankets to sit on.

Essential Signage – This is your children’s space and they will delight in making a sign that establishes the rules “KEEP OUT” “ NO ADULTS” “MY DEN”. They may never tell you the password to enter, unless of course you are bringing essential edible supplies.

The very best way to celebrate a successful day of Den Building is an outdoor/ indoor picnic  or weather permitting to toast Marshmallows on an open fire or Barbeque! 

Of course once the Den is built the children will need to occupy themselves with secret missions - browse our range for Spies and Superheroes

Melissa & Doug Secret Decoder Set 


If you need an inside Den then look at our range of inside playhouses which you colour in and personalise 



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