Aquarellum In the Flowers

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Three intricate images to complete, stunning results are obtained due to the wax lines keeping the paint in the correct areas without bleeding over the lines.

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Aquarellum In The Flowers Aquarellum In The Flowers
Aquarellum In The Flowers

Aquarellum painting sets are a unique childrens painting kit that works on the basic principle of the old fashioned painting by numbers kits but feature a patented invisible wax barrier which give perfectly neat results every time.

Highly rewarding, Aquarellum painting kits are aimed at older children 8 years old upwards and adults (see Aquarellum Junior for younger children). Each set comes with high quality, washable watercolour paints, a dropper and palette for mixing colours and a quality paintbrush.  

Children are encouraged to use their imagination in choosing the colours they want to use.  They can experiment with shading, colour mixing to obtain the ideal colour using the colour mixing chart and increasing colour intensity according to their design.

Ideal present for arty children that want to develop their understanding of colours and painting techniques.  The wax barriers in the design stop paints mixing and leaves an artist quality picture when completed.  The Aquarellum In the Flowers features three pictures to complete, ladybirds in flowers, a dragonfly and flowers and butterflies in flowers.

Full instructions and a colour chart are included. Box size: 33.5 by 25.5 by 3cm.  Watch the video below to see Aquarellum painting kits in action.

Aquarellum In the Flowers 6391 for children aged 8 years old up.

  • Painting gift set for older children
  • 3 intricate pictures of ladybirds, butterflies and a dragonfly in flowers
  • Fantastic results every time
  • Unique wax based outline to guide paint
  • Outline not visible when painting completed
  • Quality, non-toxic and washable watercolour paints
  • Teaches children colour composition
  • Absorbing and great for manual dexterity
  • Comes with dropper, mixing palette and quality paintbrush
  • Instructions in English
  • Great for decorating bedrooms
  • Far superior to painting by numbers kits
  • Each picture measures 32.5 by 25cms, box dimensions 33.5 by 25.5 by 3cms
  • Part of Crafts4Kids painting by numbers for kids range
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