Clara's Product Review - Orb Factory's Sticky Mosaics Fairies

Relaxing after school with Orb Factory's Sticky Mosaics Fairies

Clara's Product Review - Orb Factory's Sticky Mosaics Fairies

I'm always looking for activities to help my girls wind down after school, especially since my youngest (aged 4) started school in September so it's really helpful to have a few activities ready to hand when they come in and after they've had a snack for them to relax after the excitement and busyness of the school day. Sometimes they come in and play beautifully together, making up their own imaginative games but other times they are so tired that they cannot cope with each other so an activity to distract them is (nearly) always a winner! Obviously they get more and more tired the longer the week goes on so I find that giving them a quiet craft or a puzzle to do either together or separately cuts down on the arguments and fallouts while they take time to process their day.

Orb Factory's Sticky Mosaics Fairies is a fantastic quiet time activity that both girls loved - Clara has always liked crafty activities such as mosaics, scratch art, sand art, painting or colouring but Edith had never really been into anything crafty beyond painting and colouring herself until now. Both girls were eager to try the mosaics and quickly settled down to their own fairy which they both proceeded to work on for the best part of an hour! Even my youngest enjoyed sticking the different coloured squares to create her own little masterpiece and didn't find it too tricky to get the small stickers to go where she wanted. This is a great craft to practise manual dexterity and concentration which as a bonus leaves minimal mess to clear up afterwards!

Sticky Mosaics Fairies

Clara really enjoyed the activity and began asking to do it at any opportunity, not just after school! She soon finished all the fairies off (including her sister's ones!) and they both soon began to make up their own fairy stories with their fairy characters. This is a brilliant craft set and a gorgeous gift for promoting relaxation after school (and at any other time!), cooperation and imaginative play - the girls loved doing the activity together and enjoyed spending time with each other. Clara thoroughly recommends Sticky Mosaics Fairies and has asked for another set for Christmas!

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