Edith's Toy Review - EeBoo's Go Fish!

Edith reviews EeBoo's colourful card game Go Fish!

Edith's Toy Review - EeBoo's Go Fish!

EeBoo's Go Fish! is an updated version of the classic game - it's a great introduction to card games for little ones. We started playing it a few weeks ago and both my girls (even the littlest 4 year old) understood it fairly easily and became big fans. The fish shaped cards are brightly coloured with interesting and some unusual names such as Buttercup, Jade, Turquoise and Cafe au Lait to grab the attention of the players and it works beautifully. The different names provoke questions and discussions (ie why Eggplant and not Aubergine, what are Chartreuse and Indigo?) and do not detract from the fun of the game. The aim of the game is to get as many matching fish to win by asking your opponents if they have a fish of a certain colour - if not you are told unceremoniously to Go Fish! My girls loved this and quickly took great fun in telling me or their dad as many times as possible!

It has been a brilliant game for Edith (aged 4) to learn as her first card game and she was soon playing it independently without much input from us. She was able to learn the different names of the fish and when she cannot remember one in particular she asks for help. It has taught her and her older sister how card games work in general, dealing, taking turns, being patient, paying attention and also encouraging them to listen as different players ask for different fish.

Go Fish!

It has undoubtedly been the favourite game of the summer holidays and one which we even took camping (and managed not to lose any!) - we (Edith especially) would thoroughly recommend it as a first card game for kids to enjoy playing with the whole family and as a springboard to other card games. Now that Edith has gone to school we have to wait to play it when she gets home!