Clara's Review of the Week - Bigjigs Toys Times Table Tray

Learning times tables with the brilliant Bigjigs Toys times table tray

Clara's Review of the Week - Bigjigs Toys Times Table Tray

Clara started in Year 2 last month and has started learning the times tables beyond 1x and 2x. She has been finding learning 5x and 10x a bit tricky so I thought the colourful Bigjigs Toys Times Table tray might help her. The handcrafted times table tray is a sturdy wooden tray with 144 coloured little wooden blocks that have the times table multiplication on one side and the answer on the other. Each multiplication is in a separate colour so it is simple to see the progression from 1 x 1 to 1 x 12 and so on. Clara found that this made it clearer and easier to concentrate on one times table at a time. 

Bigjigs Toys Times Table Tray

Clara enjoyed playing with the times table tray on her own and testing herself to see if she got the answers correct and also I found it an engaging tool to use when teaching a specific times table to Clara and practising it with her. The bright colours make it visually appealing and interesting and the simplicity of the tray makes learning fun. This week's homework is to start learning the 3 x multiplication table so we will get practising with the purple line whilst also going back and working on the times tables she has already learned at school. This is an invaluable teaching aid and educational toy for parents as well as children which hopefully makes learning times tables that little bit easier! 

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