Planning a kid's birthday party!

Planning a birthday party for the small one!

Planning a kid's birthday party!

My littlest girl is turning four next month and as we had a little birthday party for her sister earlier in the year, it's only fair that we have a party for her. She goes to two different childminders for four days of the week so sees the same little friends nearly every day. I'm not especially keen to get involved in throwing birthday parties when she's still so small but she goes to school in September and won't see her friends much any more so this party will be a sort of a little get-together before they go their separate ways.

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As I prefer to have birthday parties out of the house we have looked into a few options for her - soft play, trampoline, farm, swimming and hiring a hall with a bouncy castle. I'm leaning towards soft play or having her party at a city farm where she and her friends can feed the animals and explore yet still have a little time for party games. The age range of the children is between 1-4 so it has to be something that they will all like / can do. I took her to a birthday party of one of her friends the other weekend and the soft play was huge! She is so very physically confident that she had an absolutely awesome time & I barely saw her until they brought the food out! She is very different from her sister who prefers more craft based activities and party games and is not so keen on throwing herself down big slides - she has a go but doesn't really enjoy soft play or trampolining so would prefer to sit it out with a sticker book or craft kit.

Whatever we manage to book, we'd better get on with it and send the party invitations out and get thinking about party food, supplies and games so we are actually prepared! One thing is sorted though - she has already (a month in advance!) decided what birthday cake she wants! A chocolate one with LOTS of chocolate on it! I'm sure she'll be happy whatever we decide as she just has an awesome time with her pals whatever she does! 

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