Further to the post earlier this year about night lights and due to the onset of winter and the darker evenings, it was inevitably time to choose a night light for our two girls who share a bedroom. We had previously relied on a plug in travel light that lit up the corner of their room, but it became apparent that this was no longer good enough! We have two girls aged 5 and 3 years old and who are completely different but both are sensitive to the dark and do not want to sleep without any light. The elder girl has been able to read for the past year but has always found it difficult to wind down at the end of the day and get to sleep quickly. The younger one is a more physically active child who falls asleep relatively quickly at bedtime but wakes up early much to our delight! We needed to find a night light to suit both girls' needs and keep the bedtime routine a relaxing one.  


So we tried quite a few - a paper night light that turned off after a few minutes, a projector night light with fairies and castles on it and a musical night light that had tunes to soothe the child to sleep. However, none of these suited our girls as they were so excited to have the pretty paper night lights (one each) that they stayed awake to watch them and then complained to have them turned on again - leading to delayed sleep and us running up and down the stairs every ten minutes! The paper ones didn't fare so well with the 3 year old wanting to use them as a toy in the daytime either.The musical night light also kept them awake as they liked to sing along with the tunes and they often complained that they could barely see the projector night light - this is because they had it on so long watching it the batteries ran out! None of the night lights we tried were bright enough for our eldest to read by so they were only relaxing for her for so long. Eventually we managed to find the right night light for them - one that was plugged in so didn't go off after a few minutes, bright enough to lessen the darkness and for our eldest to be able to read but not too bright to keep them both awake. It is also sturdy and can withstand the youngest playing with it and is a beautiful addition to their bedroom. They are very happy with it and night times are calm and cosy as we head into the winter. We've learned that it is very important to match the night light to the child to ensure that it is meeting their needs and routine - finding the right one can be key to keeping fears about the dark at bay during the long nights, although it doesn't promise a lie in the next morning!


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