Following on from last week's research into what Christmas gifts I could get for my 3 year old who loves dressing up, I turned my attention to what my 5 year old who adores art, crafts and creating things would possibly like. She is old enough now to know what she likes and what she doesn't and has made her own request list to which I have added a few more things that I think she would enjoy.

She has always loved colouring and drawing and for last Christmas we got her the Djeco Box of Colours which was a great hit. This year, I think she will enjoy using the Djeco Glitter Markers or the Glitter Felt Tip Pens from Avenue Mandarine. The Djeco Metallic Markers would also be a good addition to her collection. A lovely notebook from the Djeco Stationery range would encourage her to practise her writing and create her own stories, something she has recently taken an interest in doing. I am also keen for her to try out one of the Djeco Colouring Surprises as a clever twist on the usual colouring books she has.

As for craft kits, my little girl simply adores them - she was sad at the weekend as she swapped her present from Father Christmas that she received on the Santa Train which was a mosaics kit, for an easy puzzle that didn't hold her attention. I told her that it was a lovely thing to do, but probably keep the present next time if that was the one she wanted! She has previously enjoyed the Djeco Mosaics Bird And Ladybird Kit so I think that she may like the Sticky Mosaics Fairy Kit from Orb Factory this Christmas instead.

Continuing the glitter theme (it is impossible not to at the moment!), she has asked for a Glitter Art kit, such as one of the Djeco Glitter Boards. She really enjoys the art and craft kits and will sit quietly for hours completing them - probably also enjoying the peace from her noisy younger sister! The Sentosphere Sequin Art Peacock is also another option as is the Tiger Tribe Glitter Tape Art - Make Your Own Cards as she loves making her own cards for people. Finally I suspect Djeco Foil Art Fireflies would also be a success as she loves creating art pictures that she can display in her bedroom.

I have had a lot of ideas by just looking through the Crafts4Kids craft range- see if you can get some inspiration here too!

Christmas Ideas for creative girls