I collected my 3 year old little girl from the childminder last week, arriving to find her yet again dressed up in a pretty princess dress over her t-shirt and leggings. It dawned on me that this was a perfect route to go down for Christmas presents for her this year.

She has always loved dressing up, she already has both the Oskar & Ellen Dog and Cat costumes and has made good use of them in pretend play and also wearing them down the shops - cue a lot of smiles from various onlookers! I think maybe adding the Lion or Tiger dressing up set to her collection would be popular with her as she is not the quietest little girl and loves making a lot of noise!

To head in a different direction would be the Oskar & Ellen Doctor's Bag - she discovered a set at the childminder's and wouldn't leave it alone last week, making everyone sit down to examine them, take their temperatures and give out medicine and plasters.

Another option would be to go down the princess route and get her a beautiful fabric crown from Oskar & Ellen to wear alongside her pretty dresses. She already pretends that she is a princess and is getting married most days as well as being slightly jealous of her big sister's toy tiara, so I think this would suit her really well. She has fairy and butterfly wings given to her on previous birthdays and loves running around the house and garden flapping those wings to see if she can fly. A new twist on the wings would be this lovely Floss and Rock Unicorn Dress Up Set - if she got that she would definitely not share it with her big sister!

Take a look at our full range here https://www.crafts4kids.co.uk/pretend-play/kids-dressing-up-costumes