It’s that time of year again when World Book Day is approaching and parents across the country are trying to think and put together outfits for their kids to wear. Some schools give kids free rein in choosing what to wear, others have themes to guide kids (and their parents!). A suggestion was made on Twitter last week to write a book about ‘The Child Who Forgot About World Book Day’ just to help parents!


Aaron Becker Trilogy


In my daughters’ school they are studying three picture books from a trilogy by Aaron Becker - Journey, Quest and Return and their World Book Day theme is fantasy castles which feature in each book. I think this is a very clever idea as this gives a wide range of possible outfits such as king, queen, dragon, soldier, princess, prince, knight etc that are easy to put together with just a few pieces. My youngest has decided that she wants to be a princess with a beautiful dress while my eldest is yet to make up her mind.

Djeco DIY Mosaic Swords


If she wanted to be a princess she could wear a pretty pink princess dress such as this one from Great Pretenders and accessorise with a beautiful fabric crown from Oskar and Ellen or her own handmade tiara from Djeco’s Do It Yourself Mosaic Tiaras kit. On the other hand if she wanted to be a king or a knight she could colour in her own knight helmet or cape to wear and carry her own sword and shield to complete her outfit. Or she could simply be a wizard with a fabulous wand to make her own magic!


Great Pretenders Princess Dress


Other brilliant dressing up ideas outside of this theme include a unicorn dress up (Sugarlump and the Unicorn for example), Melissa & Doug’s Scientist Dress Up set (Women In Science), animal dress up (Three Little Monkeys, Mog the Forgetful Cat, Alan’s Big Scary Teeth etc) or Djeco’s DIY Mosaic Swords to complete that pirate outfit (Treasure Island, Pirates Love Underpants) or even Mister Tody’s Colour In Cardboard Rocket Ship (Goodnight Spaceman)!


Mister Tody Rocketship


Whatever you or your kids decide on, it's sure to be a fab day and well worth it to encourage and develop a love of reading and have fun!