It is coming up to my eldest girl's 6th birthday and this year she has actually asked for a birthday party with her friends to celebrate it. She is a very shy little girl so a big party with her whole class is definitely not the thing for her - a smaller one with just a few little friends is what she wants. I have managed to get away with not throwing any non-family birthday parties for my girls so far (hooray!) but simply can't avoid this one as I don't want her to feel she is missing out. 


So she has decided to invite four of her closest friends to celebrate with her the weekend before the big day. I was previously reluctant to hold a party as we just don't have the room to cater for one, especially in January when the opportunity to go outside isn't as inviting as it would be in the summer. Luckily her dad came up with an idea to hold a little party in the cafe where he works which just so happens to be on a dairy farm. We thought it would be nice to have a little table for them to have some lunch together followed by some party games and playing and if the weather just happens to be nice (fingers crossed) they can go outside for a bit to do the nature trail around the farm, see the cows and chickens and play in the playground.


What games to play though? The traditional ones such as pass the parcel, musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey are always favourites at any party but I also want to include something different so I'm going to take the drawing game Hurluberlus which challenges kids to draw crazy monsters and I also like the funny masks of Djeco's 8 Domino Masks which should get the giggles going as the kids (and adults!) transform themselves. I'm also thinking of maybe some little craft activities to do such as glittery fun with 

Les Loup'Foques - 8 Domino Masks

Hopefully that should be enough to keep five or six little girls busy for a couple of hours so I have only got the party bags to sort out. Stickers, sweets and a slice of chocolate birthday cake should do the trick!!


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