This half term has been a bit of a mixture for us - visiting family, getting out and about a little bit, reading, shopping, playing, crafts and watching telly amongst other things. The weather has been a bit rubbish which has rather reduced the inclination to actually go for days out as it has been so cold and wet, so we've spent most of the time indoors all trying to get along and sometimes failing to do so! The kids have been tired after a busy term at school and for the first couple of days just wanted to be left alone to play or watch tv - mostly together but some of the time on their own. They have been mainly playing their games together, drawing, colouring and building Lego and moaning a bit when I decided it was time to get out of the house, even for a little while!

We visited family near Salisbury in the middle of the week and took the opportunity during a break in the rain to visit Old Sarum, a fascinating English Heritage site which is home to a ruined medieval castle, Iron age hillfort and the first cathedral (before it was moved to Salisbury around 800 years ago). The kids found it rather interesting and loved exploring the ruins and admiring the views across the Wiltshire plains. It was nice to get a bit of fresh air but we didn't stay too long as the weather closed in again and chucked it down just as we were leaving! I would definitely recommend it as a great place for the kids - but perhaps next time we might go when the sun is shining! 

Old Sarum

Half term this time has been a great opportunity to continue with and sometimes even finish a few of our craft sets that the girls were given at Christmas and the eldest's birthday last month. The Sentosphere Sequin Art Unicorn has been a big hit to do together on a rainy afternoon (thanks Storm Dennis) and my youngest has been working on her Velvet Colouring set and practising colouring in the lines. Clara was very pleased to find that she had one more picture to do in her Djeco Glitter Art Mermaid Lights  set which kept her busy for a little while (she thought she'd done them all!) and we had fun going through 4m's Illusion Science kit together. 

Djeco Glitter Boards Mermaid Lights

After another day staying in playing, colouring, crafting and making music (!) we got the chance to go to a Premiership rugby match which made a big change to our usual activities this half term. Clara really liked her first rugby match and although she found it a little noisy at times she was very glad when Bristol finally won after a close match. We left her little sister at home with Dad making jelly and doing lots of painting and had a great afternoon out. It was a brilliant new experience for her and one that I might repeat when she's a little older and more used to crowds and noise! 

Rugby Match

So after a washout week of sometimes doing lots and sometimes not very much it is time to go back to school - I will miss the lazy mornings playing with the girls but am a little glad to get back to our usual routine for a while with the girls back at school! (I'm sure I'm not the only parent to feel a bit like this!). Only six weeks to go till the next break!!