Origami For Kids ">
Origami For Kids
14 Jun 2018
There are more and more origami for kids clubs popping up in our schools and children are really enjoying this ancient craft. Schools are recognising that it helps children with geometry as well as being great fun when constructing three-dimensional shapes of increasing complexity....
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How To Make Origami Bookmark Corner ">
How To Make Origami Bookmark Corner
7 Jun 2018
Origami for kids is really popular with many origami clubs popping up in schools. We will show you a step by step guide in pictures on how to make origami bookmark corners...
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Djeco ">
30 May 2018
This April we visited Djeco at their HQ in Paris. Set behind Notre Dame it is in a beautiful location and was their original warehouse in the 1950's it is now the main office and all set around a courtyard, hidden behind big wooden doors. Welcome to the magical world of Djeco!...
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UK Family Festivals 2018 ">
UK Family Festivals 2018
24 May 2018
Looking for a fun filled family adventure this summer? Considered a festival but not sure? I've researched the top 5 family friendly music festivals that will get you out and about and having fun as a family....
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Back Garden Fun - Five Easy Activities ">
Back Garden Fun - Five Easy Activities
3 May 2018
Now the weather has finally turned pleasant and we actually are hopeful for a warm bank holiday, my thoughts have turned to getting the back-garden tidy. Which reminded me of some simple but fun things I used to do when my children were toddlers. ...
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How to make slime ">
How to make slime
20 Dec 2017
With the current obsession for children to make slime showing no sign of abating - read our guide and watch a quick demo...
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Gifts for 12 year olds + ">
Gifts for 12 year olds +
22 Nov 2017
Choosing presents for 12 year olds can be tricky, especially when X-boxes, mobiles and tablets are a constant distraction. ...
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Gifts for 8 year olds + ">
Gifts for 8 year olds +
22 Nov 2017
Children aged 8 and 12 years can follow complex sentences in written material so can follow quite advanced instructions. ...
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Toys for 6 year olds ">
Toys for 6 year olds
22 Nov 2017
At six, your child is entering a phase of relatively stable progress compared with the leaps and bounds of the early years......
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Toys for 4 – 5 year olds ">
Toys for 4 – 5 year olds
2 Nov 2017
These are the years of growing independence and self-confidence. Most children begin to develop self-control alongside .......
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