Welcome to the wonderful new world of Djeco's Tinyly - a gorgeous range of delicate figurines created by Virginie Brachet. Each little figurine is joined by their own cute and sometimes unusual companion and is aimed at children aged between 4 - 9 years old to transport them into their own magical world of imaginative play!

Djeco Tinyly Sidonie & ZickDjeco Tinyly Joe & GalaDjeco Tinyly Berry & Lila

Djeco Tinyly Flore & BloomDjeco Tinyly Paloma & BogoDjeco Tinyly Anouk & Nours

Djeco Tinyly Luz & LightDjeco Tinyly Cristale & FrizzDjeco Tinyly Elfe & Bolero

Djeco Tinyly Tutti & FruttiDjeco Tinyly Bluchka & IndieDjeco Tinyly Sunny & Mia


There is also a choice of two cute houses which double up as carry cases to transport the fabulous world of imaginative play around wherever you go! 

Djeco Tinyly Bluchka & Indie's House




Djeco Tinyly Sunny & Mia's House


The Djeco Tinyly range is a brilliant addition to the Djeco pretend play collection and is perfect for imaginative play at home and on the move!