Meet the latest brand to join Crafts4Kids - Crocodile Creek! Crocodile Creek is a maker of beautiful toys and puzzles, working with designers around the world. Established in New York in 1986 the company was founded on the memories of childhood play and in the years since the brand has brought more than 50 million toys and products to children in over 50 countries around the world. 

The brand's goal is to create thoughtful, beautifully designed products for the children of our world, to care about all those with whom they work, to care about the world in which we live and to continuously plant the seeds for tomorrow so we and our world can thrive and flourish in the years ahead. 

Crocodile Creek works with designers, artists, illustrators and photographers all over the world in their aim of creating imaginative and inspirational products and stimulating creativity in children. 


Crocodile Creek

Here at Crafts4Kids we just love their beautifully detailed puzzles, ranging from a 12 piece puzzle of a roaring lion or a speeding fire engine, to a visit to the beach or a family puzzle featuring famous buildings around the world. The designs are vibrant and imaginative - you can really feel that you are at a racetrack watching cars zooming past or having a fab day at the fairground. 


Crocodile Creek Day at the Zoo


Crocodile Creek also design giant colouring posters with lots of detail for kids to complete - take a trip to the zoo to meet the animals or come face to face with dinosaurs at the museum. These super sized posters are perfect as a rainy day activity or for some quiet creative time that kids can pick up and leave off whenever they like. 

We absolutely love these puzzles and crafts collection from a fabulous new brand and can't wait to add to the range later in 2021!