The Japanese word "Origami" is a compound of two smaller Japanese words: "ori" meaning to fold, and "gami", meaning paper. It is thought that Japanese origami began sometime after Buddhist monks carried paper to Japan during the 6th century. There are other slight variations such as Kirigami which is also a traditional Japanese art form. “Kiru” means "cut" in Japanese so in Kirigami, the paper is folded to create a base. Then small cuts are made in the base. Many kirigamis can be snowflakes and are used for decorations. Cutting the paper is not allowed in origami. In origami, the shape or form is created by folding the paper in several ways.

You can buy kids origami papers and get started on some simple objects and build up to more complex ones.  Its great fun for all the family, why not get Grandma and Grandad involved? 

In origami there are several of folds which form the basis of all origami so starting with these are the best way to get going.  We found the website Origami Instructions a useful website to learn these basic folds.

They also have a brilliant you tube channel where you can choose what to make and follow them step by step.

origami for kids




If you are looking for unique gift for older children, then why give a gift of origami papers or an origami for kids set?  Some of our favourites are detailed below: