Well I don’t know about you, but it’s certainly been a rollercoaster in the Crafts4kids home schooling camp! So, the mums and dads here have got their heads together (not physically!) and we’ve come up with our top 10 activities that we think the kids will love and tick the educational box without them realizing it!


Melissa & Doug Hand Puppets

A versatile activity that isn’t a one hit wonder! Ask the older children to create a story to entertain smaller siblings and if the enthusiasm remains, they can write the story in their schoolbooks and illustrate.



Melissa & Doug Wooden Lacing Shoe

Get this essential life skill ticked off whilst we have the chance! We have put this task off for the last few years but its time to get it cracked and the shoe is certainly helping. Smaller children will enjoy playing with the laces too so it should keep a them amused too.




We LOVE the NEW Tonies and many of us here are sad that our children are too grown up for one of these! Recommended for 3+ these are just brilliant for keeping a preschooler smiling - turn it on, pop a Tonie on and simply let the audio adventure begin :)



eeBoo Puzzles

Opposites puzzles, matching pairs and dominoes are all brilliant classic games that are made even better with the lovely eeBoo illustrations that keep children (and adults!) engaged even on the 5th or 6th round of the game!




BigJigs Toys Fraction & Times table Trays

Cover off basic math’s skills with the brilliant Big Jigs wooden toys. Fractions, times tables and telling the time are easy with these lovely brightly coloured sets.



Eeboo 100 Great Words 500 Piece Round Puzzle

A great family activity that will help with your children’s vocabulary – complete the puzzle and then look up the meaning of the words and write in their work books - I think the adults will learn a thing or two as well!



Thames & Kosmos Kids First Wildlife Detective Kit

Well we all agree here that the nice weather has made being at home with the kids at LOT easier and its mad us really appreciate our gardens and everything that lives in it! With this kit kids can learn how many animals live in your garden, what earth worms actually do (??!) and even identify an animal by making a plaster cast of its footprint!




4M Illusion Science

Do your children like putting on a show or impressing their siblings with their skills? Well this kit is a great way to learn and then show and tell! Children can experiment with over 20 optic activities and learn the scientific explanations behind them. Fun & educational – TICK!



Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Kit

Recommended for 8+ this kit brings chemistry into the home and uses things around the home to experiment with so shouldn’t require a trip to the shops. All science experiments are guided by a step by step 48-page manual which explains the theories behind the experiments, so you don’t have to :)



Thames & Kosmos Animal Anatomy

This is a fascinating anatomy model which children can assemble whilst learning facts about the animal and how the organs work together, allowing an insight into the different species and evolution itself! The gorilla is a favorite of ours