During the lockdown my eldest daughter has got VERY interested in the Harry Potter series of wizarding stories - we have only read the first two so far and seen the films but she has already fallen in love with the stories of the boy who lived and re-reads the stories for hours on end! It has been a brilliant distraction during the long weeks out of school and she can't wait to get started on the third book. We have also recently discovered the Wizarding World online where she found out what house she is in, what wand she has and what her Patronus is! You can find out too as well as enjoying the stories, puzzles, games and other activities perfect for Potter fans young and old. 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Puzzle

She also absolutely loves puzzles and as a little treat for dealing remarkably well with the strange situation we all find ourselves in, I wanted to get her a present and what better than to combine two of her favourite things - Harry Potter and puzzles! The tricky question now is which puzzle to choose! All the puzzles are aimed at children aged 6 and above and come in either 300 or 500 piece versions and have an amazing 3D quality that brings the scenes depicted to life. 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Whichever Harry Potter puzzle we go for, all of them are perfect for any Potter fan, young or old! As we start the third book in the series I can't see the interest in the wizarding world stopping any time soon!! 

Harry Potter Hogwarts & Hedwig