The Tonies audio system is a fun, creative and immersive way for children to listen to stories and music. The Toniebox is perfect for all children from the age of three who want to listen, learn and laugh to new stories and old favourites wherever and whenever they feel like it.

The Toniebox was designed by parents to keep little ones entertained for hours, no screens in sight. They made the Toniebox for kids (and parents) who want to feel good about their entertainment at home and to bring back imaginative play. According to The National Literacy Trust, listening to audiobooks improves vocabulary and literacy skills. Entertaining and educational!

Here are the fabulous new Tonies so far in 2023! Keep an eye out for more exciting arrivals this year by following us on Facebook or Instagram! 

Lilo & Stitch

Lilo's an independent little girl; Stitch is a mischievous creature from outer space. When their worlds collide, it's love - and chaos! - at first sight.


Headstrong but courageous, Princess Merida is a skilled archer on a quest to defy age-old traditions so she can carve out her own path in life.

When an eccentric old witch grants Merida an ill-fated wish, she learns the true meaning of courage on a journey to reverse the magic spell before it’s too late.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

Follow the adventures of a fairy princess named Holly and her best friend Ben Elf in the enchanted land of Little Kingdom.

Being a princess, Holly has magical powers, but her spells don’t always go to plan. Join Holly, Ben and their friends as they work together to fix magical mistakes, finding fun in every calamity.

Horrible Histories - Terrifying Tudors

One for the real history buffs, who want history with all the horrors left in! Walk in the footsteps of the Terrible Tudors with this terrifically terrifying Tonie – if you’re brave enough! Discover all the facts they don’t teach you at school, from the horrifying Henries to Tudor torture and more.

Disney Encanto

Gather round friends because it’s time for the extraordinary tale of the family Madrigal and their unique gifts! Based on the multi-award winning Disney film, Encanto, this Tonie is packed full of catchy songs and an enchanting story in both English and Spanish

The Little Princess

The Little Princess lives in a great big castle with the King and Queen. She is five years old and full of questions and curiosity. This collection of delightful tales is based on the best-selling children’s book by award-winning author Tony Ross.

Handcrafted for hands-on play. Every Tonie is hand-painted, yet tough enough to be part of the fun not just on, but also off the box. The box is built to survive bumps and tumbles, keeping kids entertained for years and years.

The Toniebox is easy-peasy to use, kids just pop, tap, tilt and squeeze to navigate through the songs and stories, no screen time needed.

When you put a Tonie on for the first time, its story will download directly onto the Toniebox. But how does it all work?

The Toniebox instantly recognises who's standing on top, and they have the magic key. The key unlocks the right audio files so the box can download them from the Toniecloud. The story will begin immediately. Once the LED turns solid green, the audio content has been completely downloaded, and you can play it anywhere without a Wi-Fi connection.

For more fabulous storytelling fun, take a look at the Tonies collection here! There is currently a 4 for 3 Tonies offer for more happy listening (and dancing!) 


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