Turning into a letter writer

The beauty of stationery for a little girl.

Turning into a letter writer

My eldest daughter's current most prized possession is a beautiful stationery set given to her by her adored auntie. She will sit quietly with it, decorating the pretty envelopes with transfers and stickers, writing little notes in the cards and scribbling away her thoughts in the beautiful notebooks for hours on end. Her face when she received it was an utter picture of happiness. This is because she has recently discovered letter and note writing and absolutely adores it, firing off little notes to us and also writing hand drawn Easter cards and thank you cards which we pop in the post to a very grateful and touched recipient. We first started giving her notebooks to write in last Christmas rather than plain paper or school exercise books and she takes great delight in filling them out with pictures, information about herself and even her own little stories influenced by the books she has read or the activities she has done. She has always loved reading and writing as soon as she learned how to do so and finds it relaxing and calming to either sit somewhere comfortable and read a book or scribble away in one of her many notebooks. She has even attempted to write a little journal about her activities but has been too busy playing to keep up with it! 

Clara's Stationery Set

The love of writing notes and cards really took off last month when we were at my mum's for the weekend and she found some blank cards and little envelopes and proceeded to write gorgeous little messages and homemade Easter cards. For Mother's Day she made a very specific list of what she wanted to get me - a beautiful notebook (with a design she chose), some pencils, a mug for my tea and a lovely book to read. She thought carefully about each thing and also took her time in choosing me a lovely card which she wrote in herself without any help from her dad. At the same time she found another card and wanted to send it to her Grandma. It was a thank you card which she wrote a beautiful message, drew some lovely pictures and wrote out the address herself and we posted it together. Her Grandma was so pleased and touched, as was her auntie when she received a similar missive. My daughter loved getting their responses back and wrote more little notes and drew pictures to send off and some to keep to hand to the person when they visit. Thus she was very excited when she received her stationery set and couldn't wait to start writing - the first note being a thank you to her auntie for sending it to her. It is really lovely to see her joy and excitement at writing her own correspondence and having something to create and craft herself rather than an e-mail or a video which she is self-conscious of. I'm sure it won't be long before she runs out of notes and envelopes and needs more to decorate and write - luckily there are lots of gorgeous stationery sets to choose from to keep the letter-writing going for a long time yet!