Jabadabado is a Swedish design company that manufactures and sells wooden toys, baby items, children's furniture, and home decor. We were founded 30 years ago in the Swedish city of Landskrona, and today our brand is sold in most parts of Europé, and in Australia, USA, Canada, and the Middle East.

What we do

Jabadabado is synonymous with colorful and beautiful wooden toys, baby items, and decor for children's rooms. Since our inception in 1993, we've been passionate about giving children the very best, and this passion is reflected in every product we create with the aim for every child to experience joy through our toys. Our design is timeless, playful, and functional. We are also known for our beautiful and sleek packaging, which makes our products wonderful gifts that are as delightful to give as to receive.

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  1. Jabadabado Silver Doctors Case
    Jabadabado Silver Doctors Case
  2. Jabadabado Wooden Car Racing
    Jabadabado Wooden Car Racing
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  3. Jabadabado My First Car
    Jabadabado My First Car
  4. Jabadabado Safari Jeep
    Jabadabado Safari Jeep
  5. Jabadabado Wooden Barber Case
    Jabadabado Wooden Barber Case
  6. Jabadabado Wooden Tool Belt
    Jabadabado Wooden Tool Belt
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