Pipkits Jewellery Making Kits

Pipkits Jewellery Kits from UK company Pippin are simple, beautiful, luxury jewellery making kits for children of all ages.

They were devised during a family holiday on the shores of Lake Geneva when their originator, Louise stumbled in to a small, traditional, wondrous children’s craft toy shop. With a background in sourcing and selling some of the highest quality beads and jewellery components available in the UK, Louise returned home inspired and on a mission to create children’s jewellery making kits that were great value, easy to make, great fun and full of the highest quality components and beads.

Each Pipkit comes with all of the tools, materials and beads needed to make a stylish piece of jewellery that is stylish enough that anyone will want to wear it and make from materials that will last. The step-by-step photographic instructions clearly show how to put the jewellery together and each kit comes with the tools necessary to complete the job.

The majority of the kits make two or more pieces of jewellery, so they are perfect for kids to make, wear and share with others. And they are not just for girls, our ‘Surfer’ range is great for trendy young boys too.