Decopatch Decopad -
3 to choose from

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The Decopatch "Decopad" is a small playful and practical ring bound collection of 48 decopatch papers created in shades of the choisen coloured pad.

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Decopatch Decopad - 3 to choose from orange oranges oranges oranges oranges oranges brown green greens greens greens greens greens browns browns browns browns browns
Decopatch Decopad - 3 to choose from

Ideal for a decopuage project, this spiral bound pad of 48 Décopatch sheets each measure 15 x 15 cm.  There are four sheets each of the 12 patterms and compliment each other to create a truly unique design.  

Decopatch Decopad

  • Spiral bound pad created in shades of colours
  • 48 Décopatch sheets of 15 x 15 cm
  • 12 patterns 
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