Decopatch Ghosts Decoupage Paper

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One sheet of black decoupage paper featuring white ghosts.  Measuring 30x40cm.

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Decopatch Ghosts Decoupage Paper
Decopatch Ghosts Decoupage Paper

Decopatch papers are deep-dyed and glazed so the colours won’t run when gluing.  It's designed for covering papier mache objects as well as using to decoupage on furniture, ornaments or household objects that need refreshing.

Thinner than tissue paper the end result is smooth yet incredibly hard wearing when using the Decopatch’s Paperpatch glue and varnish.

Decopatch Ghosts Paper

1 sheet
Each paper measure 30 x 40 cm
Thin yet strong
Colours won't bleed
Suitable for all decoupage
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