Djeco Animambo -

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A magnificent all-wood kazoo in the shape of a colourful bird.

Not Suitable for 0-3 yrs Gifts 3 years Old Up Gifts 5 Year Old Up
Djeco Animambo - Kazoo Djeco Animambo - Kazoo Djeco Animambo - Kazoo
Djeco Animambo - Kazoo

Kids will be drawn to this bright instrument for budding musicians and often found in jazz or rock.

By humming air at the level of the two tips, they can have fun experimenting with the sounds they create.

A brilliant instrument to awaken to a love of music, learn to differentiate sounds and develop their sense of rhythm.

Djeco Animambo - Kazoo DJ06029

  • Age 3+
  • Product width 5 cm
  • Product height 11 cm
  • Product depth 1 cm 
  • 3070900060296
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