Dress Your Doll Fabric Packs -
Soft Tones only

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Choose from 5 different packs of Dress Your Doll Fabrics with different colours and designs and get sewing dolls outfits!
soft tones
soft tones

These Dress Your Doll Fabric Packs are great for making dolls outfits from scratch with 5 different sets to choose from 

Each Fabric Pack has 8 A4 size pieces of material each with a different print and colourway meaning lots of different outfits and co-ordinates can be designed and sewn.

Dress Your Doll fabrics are unique eco-friendly materials made from recycled bottles. Non-fraying and stretchy it is also super easy to work with as children's sewing does not need to be perfect and no hemming is needed but the finished outfits still look fabulous! Just sew wrong side out, turn and dress your doll!

For children 9 years old upwards and ideal for children with some basic sewing skills already.  Less experienced children will need adult assistance.


DressYourDoll Fabric Packs FS-011 for children 9 years old upwards

Create unique Fashion Outfits for Dolls
8 large pieces of unique dress your doll fabrics in each pack
Each piece in different patterns and colours
Perfect way to grow a dolls outfit collection
Ideal with the DressYourDoll Mannequin
Young children with no sewing skill will need assistance
Sewing materials (needle, thread; etc.) not included

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