Eeboo About Face Object Card Game

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Create an endless array of characters with this 160-piece game. Cards feature images of everyday objects, combine them to the correct place and create colourful features and see who can make the funniest face.

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Eeboo About Face Object Card Game Eeboo About Face Object Card Game Eeboo About Face Object Card Game
Eeboo About Face Object Card Game

Best known for the award winning "Play With Your Food" books, artist Saxton Freymann has returned with another inspired bit of metamorphosis: Photographs of objects found on the sea shore, streeets of a bustling city and everyday items, which when combined cleverly make funny faces!

Eeboo About Face features images of every day objects arranged to look like facial parts — such as eyes, a nose, a mouth, and hair. Children are encouraged to flip over and rearrange the tiles to create a multitude of different faces. Eeboo About Face’s educational benefits are wide ranging, from teaching out-of-the-box visual thinking, encouraging the development of facial expression recognition skills, to teaching colour identification (choose only tiles with red objects), to expanding vocabulary as children ask parents what each object is.

Most of all its a fun game that all the family, young and old, can play together.

Eeboo About Face Card Game 

  • For ages 3 and up
  • Updated version on a classic card game for children
  • 160 objects
  • Instructions included
  • Printed with vegetable based inks
  • No plastic shrink wrap coverings
  • H18 x W15 x Dcm
  • 689196488139
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