Kapla Spider Case

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An assortment of 75 wooden planks to create your own spider - and then countless other designs limited only by your imagination, build towers, dragons, castles or design your own fantasy creature!

Sturdy wooden box to store all your Kapla planks in 

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Kapla Spider Case Kapla Spider Case Kapla Spider Case Kapla Spider Case
Kapla Spider Case

Detailed instructions on the back of the wooden lid with step by step guide to build the spider.  Countless other designs can be made from the 75 piece set.  

Great first Kapla set to get younger children building.  Kapla stimulates creativity, perseverance, ingenuity and STEM learning. 

Kapla is a fun, slightly addictive construction game made up of identical pine planks. Due to their unique size, in the ratio of 1:3:5, Kapla wooden blocks are an innovative building block, ideal for creating a wide variety of structures. No need for glue - this is a great concept toy which offers endless possibility for play, allowing all ages and all family members to get involved

Kapla Spider Case 

75 planks

55 natural planks

20 coloured planks

Sturdy wooden box to house planks in when not in use

Suitable for age 4 yrs +


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