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PLAN Toys design and make wooden toys made from eco-friendly materials such as PlanWood which is derived from grinding surplus sawdust and woodchips and reclaimed rubber woods thus ensuring the use of sustainable natural resources that create minimum to zero waste througout their production process.  Their wooden toys enhance development for children, especially during their first five formative years.

PLAN Toys always make sure to use the best of the natural resources and create only minimum to zero waste. With a strong mission to create a sustainable world, PLAN Toys thoroughly consider every single step of the production line as well as other activities as they are wholeheartedly committed to minimising environmental impacts.

Plan Toys Sustainability Statement:

Sustainable Way
Since 1981, our mission has been to create a more sustainable world. At PlanToys, we are determined to do this by carefully considering the environment and society when it comes to our business practices, while also focusing on safety standards and child development in production. By applying innovative eco-friendly manufacturing methods and using green materials, we help pave a sustainable path for our children while also doing our part to protect the beautiful ecosystems and environments that inhabit our planet.


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