Lottie Doll Outfits -
Pyjama Party

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Lottie outfits made from tactile, durable fabric, interchangeable between dolls to make dress up play more fun. Collect them all for hours of dressable fun! 

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Lottie Doll Outfits - Pyjama Party Lottie Doll Outfits - Pyjama Party
Lottie Doll Outfits - Pyjama Party

Dress up your Lottie Doll ready for a pyjama party with this Pyjama Clothing Set! Set includes pyjamas, slippers and blanket.

The Lottie Doll outfit and accessory sets are perfect for making sure your doll is dressed to impressed no matter the weather or occasion! Made of tactile fabric that is nice and soft, it is made to stand the test of time! Accessory Sets suitable for any Lottie doll.

Doll sold separately.

Lottie Doll Outfits - Pyjama Party LT145

  • Includes:pyjamas, slippers and blanket
  • (Lottie Doll Not Included)
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