• Brick and Plaster Modelling Kits
    Shop online at crafts4kids for brick modelling kits from Teifoc and let your budding builders, architects or those curious to know how buildings are constructed get to work on building projects for kids. Modelling clay, trowel and Teifoc sets available at crafts4kids
  • Modelling Clay & Play Dough
    Playdough and modelling clay available online at crafts4kids for toddlers and young children. Available play dough brands include Djeco, Patarev, Popsine and Scola.
  • Woodworking Kits and Equipment
    Woodwork for Kids - selection of beginner woodworking projects for children and adult from Quay, UGEARS, Walachia, Egmont and Red Tool box - Crafts4Kids
  • Model Making
    Buy online at Crafts4kids easy wood projects and model making kits including Airfix, Quay, Red Toolbox and Tegu for kids. Djeco pop to play, Djeco toys and beginner woodworking projects available.
  • Slime Making
    Buy PVA Glue and Transparent Glue for slime making, 1, 2 or 5 litre bottles and starch available at Crafts4Kids

Our Making and Modelling department has a range of  activities to inspire creativity amongst boys and girls whilst being great fun and a creative project to work on. We have chosen a range of kids model construction kits that are just that little different (make a building out of real bricks and cement or wood!), modelling clays with a fantastic variety of themes, woodworking kits for kids and model making projects to really challenge children.

Our range of building model kits are aimed at older children and will need some adult guidance - the perfect family project.  The finished models can be easily incorporated into existing playsets such a playmobile farm and horse sets, Hornby train tracks, wooden train sets but instead of paying for expensive bridges or stables - make your own!

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