Grow My Own Carrots

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The Jardin du Moulin encourages the very youngest to try their hand at gardening and explore the natural world.

Grow My Own Carrots Grow My Own Carrots Grow My Own Carrots
Grow My Own Carrots

The collection of Le Jardin du Moulin makes wonderful gardening gifts for kids.

Designed to engage children in a love of growing, the light green heavy duty plastic garden box compliments the carrot tops and everything you need is included in the kit. 

Simply place the coco discs in the trough, rehydrate them and watch them transform into soil.  The enclosed seed tape contains carrot seeds and just needs to be cut to size (the rest can be used again for future plantings).  Plant in the soil, water and watch the seedlings grow.

Moulin Roty Grow Your Own Carrot Garden - 712376

  • Grow your own carrots kit for children
  • Includes heavy duty plastic trough, coco discs, seed ribbon
  • Grow on the window ledge or outside after the last frost has passed
  • Part of Crafts4Kids kids gardening range
  • 3575677123767
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