Patarev 8 Pots of Colours

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Patarev is modelling clay crossed with play dough.  It air dries (without cracking) so that childrens can keep their creations. This kit contains 8 Patarev colours. You can either follow your imagination or the step by step instructions to create cute figurines that will dry in a couple of hours. You can then have fun playing with them!

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Patarev 8 Pots of Colours Patarev 8 Pots of Colours Patarev 8 Pots of Colours
Patarev 8 Pots of Colours

Its light and stretchy texture is easy to work with and are non-toxic, gluten free and you can mix colours to create new ones - following the easy colour chart to learn how to create new colours.  Educational as well as fun.

Sentosphere Patarev 8 Pots - 8699

  • 8 pots of 30 g
  • 1 set of instructions in English
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