Patarev Cupcakes

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Patarev is modelling clay crossed with play dough.  It air dries (without cracking) so that children can keep their creations. With this kit you can create six cupcakes that will airdry and last forever

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Patarev Cupcakes Patarev Cupcakes
Patarev Cupcakes

Patarev is a cross between clay and play dough and is revolutionary as it air dries without cracking so that children can keep their beautiful creations. It does not stick or stain, it will bounce and you can mix the colours to create new shades.

Its light and stretchy texture is easy to work with and once you have followed the easy instructions the cupcakes will air dry and last for ever - perfect for a pretend play afternoon tea party

Sentosphere Patarev Cupcakes - 8701

  • 5 pots of 18 g
  • 6 double-sided printed paper liners
  • 1 set of instructions in English
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