Sablimage Sand Art Horses

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Get into art mode and develop your creativity with these wonderful sand art kits from Sablimage.
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Sablimage Sand Art Horses Sablimage Sand Art Horses
Sablimage Sand Art Horses

Sablimage Sand Art creates beautiful works of art which are really eye-catching. The Horse set features 4 different pictures of horses; running, jumping and being with a foal. Ideal for horse obsessed children!

Similar to painting or sketching by numbers, children are guided where to add the sand by pulling off the pre-cut adhesive sections for that colour and then pouring on the sand.  The sand only sticks to those areas revealed and leaves sharp, clean lines.

Four pictures are included with 15 pots of coloured sand and the designs are suited for children aged 4 years + and is great for developing creativeness, manual skills and a sense of colour.

Sablimage Sand Art Chevaux Horses 887 for children aged 4 yrs+

  • 15 pots of coloured sand
  • 4 self adhesive pre-cut colouring boards
  • Great for developing manual dexterity skills
  • 3760124808872
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