Scrunch Flyer -
Duck Egg Blue

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Perfect for travel, the beach and the garden - made from 100% silicone (super soft and bendy) have fun flying these this summer

Scrunch Flyer - Duck Egg Blue
Scrunch Flyer - Duck Egg Blue

Say goodbye to bulky, hard plastic beach toys that break and take up space, and say hello to the new Scrunch Beach Toys; that can be squished, squashed, bent, folded and rolled up without ever losing shape. The Scrunch Flyer can be rolled and folded then fling and fly it in the garden or at the beach.  

18 cm diameter made from food-grade silicone, washable, non-toxic, strong and durable, and will scrunch up small enough to fit in your pocket or luggage.

Scrunch Flyer - Duck Egg Blue

  • Dimensions 18 cm diameter
  • Weight 75g
  • 100% silicone
  • non-toxic, durable
  • washable, bendable
  • 5060067490515


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