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With over 1000 creative kits, toys and games within our toys for 3 year olds collection from brands including Djeco, Oskar and Ellen, EeBoo, Moulin Roty, Scribble Down and Tegu, you are sure to find perfect gifts for 3 year olds.  Djeco have developed a range of arts and crafts activities especially for 3-6 year olds designed for little fingers and maximum creativity and fun that make brilliant presents for 3 year olds. We also have a fantastic range of Djeco puzzles, wooden toys and musical instruments so there is lots to choose from!

Great presents for 3 year old boy - Oskar & Ellen Pirate Ship Toy, Djeco Toy Guitar or Djeco's fabulous Inzebox Monster - Wooden Monster Magnetics.

Great presents for 3 year old girl - Djeco My Vet Set, Djeco Collages So Pop or EeBoo's Alphabet & Numbers Puzzle Pairs.

Collection of Monster Themed Toys: Monster Stickers, Monster Paper Crafts, Monster Games, Magnetic Monster Games and Monster Crafts - enough to keep little hands busy! Makes perfect presents for 3 year olds and over
Collection of dinosaur themed toys and gifts for children who love all things pre-historic! Why not do some dinosaur model making or some dinosaur crafts?
Collection of Pirate Themed Toys: Pirate Soft Toy, Pirate Colouring In, Pirate Stickers, Pirate Ship Building, Pirate Sand Art and Pirate Crafts - enough to keep ship mates busy! 
Looking for the most popular toys for boys and girls? Then look at our best selling toys.

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  1. Mini Monster - Djeco Card Game
    Mini Monster - Djeco Card Game
    100% of 100
  2. Djeco Stickers Pirates
    Djeco Stickers Pirates
  3. Djeco Stickers Dinosaurs
    Djeco Stickers Dinosaurs
    95% of 100
  4. Djeco Paper Toys Pirate Transfers
    Djeco Paper Toys Pirate Transfers
    100% of 100
  5. Djeco Giant Puzzles - The Pirate Ship
    Djeco Giant Puzzles - The Pirate Ship
  6. Djeco Collages for Little Ones
    Djeco Collages - Happy Monsters
  7. Djeco Big Tattoo - Godzilla
    Djeco Big Tattoo - Godzilla
  8. Djeco Mosaics Dinosaurs
    Djeco Mosaics Dinosaurs
    93% of 100
    Out of stock

8 Items

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