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We have a wide range of fantastic presents for 8 year olds whether you are looking for birthday or Christmas presents. Djeco Glitter Art kits are a very popular crafting activity and make ideal presents for 8 year old girls and up and if your child is arty look at the Aquarellum range of painting sets for exquisite painting activities. Construction toys and model making are always reliable presents for 8 year old boys.

For more inspiration for toys for 8 year olds look at our toy themes or our individual brand pages.

Get inspired and buy the perfect present with our collection of dragon toys, knight toys and castles that make perfect christmas gifts for boys and girls. Whether you are looking for presents for 5 year old boys or 7 year old girls we have the ideal gift with brilliant toys from Djeco, Playmobil, Great Pretenders, Thames & Kosmos, Mister Tody, Janod and Brikkon. Djeco Arty Toys are always a guaranteed favourite!
Collection of bird themed presents - bird art and craft kits, glitter art, bird sewing kits, bird sand art, soft play bird toys, bird watching kits and even a build your own bird house kit. So if you need inspiration for that perfect present then look no further!
Collection of our favourite British Gifts, Toys UK and Arts & Crafts kits designed in the UK. From Cornwall, to Blackpool and up to Edinburgh we have a lovely mix of some truly British Gifts

Eco Friendly Toys

Avoid throw-away plastic toys, choose an eco-friendly toy that children will love for years to come. Our collection includes designs printed with vegetable inks, organic cottons and pretend play toys that are ethically manufactured using responsibly sourced materials.

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  1. Wizard School Colour In Cape
    Wizard School Colour In Cape
    £25.00 Sale Price £18.75
  2. Eeboo 1000+ Piece Puzzle - New York City Life
    Eeboo 1000 Piece Puzzle - Songbirds Tree
  3. Aquarellum Giant Poster Peacock
    Aquarellum Giant Poster Peacock
  4. Aquarellum Giant Poster Flamingo
    Aquarellum Giant Poster Flamingo
  5. Colorizzy Paint By Numbers Birds
    Colorizzy Paint By Numbers Birds
  6. Djeco Puzzle Art - Dodo
    Djeco Puzzle Art - Dodo
    100% of 100
  7. Sentosphere Quilling Art - Birds Of Paradise
    Sentosphere Quilling Art - Birds Of Paradise
    Out of stock
  8. Martyna Writing Box - Djeco Lovely Paper Stationery
    Martyna Writing Box - Djeco Lovely Paper Stationery
    Out of stock
  9. Djeco Gallery Puzzle Abracadabra
    Djeco Gallery Puzzle Arbracadabra 200 pcs FSC Mix
    100% of 100
  10. Djeco Bird Whistle
    Djeco Bird Whistle
    94% of 100
  11. 7th Birthday Card - Tiger
    8th Birthday Card - Happy Birds

11 Items

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