ZooBooKoo Add & Subtract Cube Book

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ZooBooKoo Human Body is a Level 2 Intermediate cube book for children aged 5 years and upwards.  Start at the green circle and as children turn the cubebook they will reveal an array of numeracy & literacy activities.  Supports and complements the national curriculum for Key Stage One Mathematics.

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ZooBooKoo Add & Subtract Cube Book ZooBooKoo Add & Subtract Cube Book ZooBooKoo Add & Subtract Cube Book
ZooBooKoo Add & Subtract Cube Book

Children simply follow the arrows, turning the cubebook in all directions. With each turn they will reveal an array of numeracy and literacy activities, learning all about adding, subtracting, doubles, how to spell numbers and more. This is an ideal educational activity toy for Key Stage 1. The ZooBooKoo add and subtract cubebook is a great way to promote basic numeracy and literacy skills. 

With a tactile and fun design children will be intrigued and ready to learn as ZooBooKoo Educational Cubebooks have been created to give bitesize chunks of information to help recall and avoid overloading.

The cubebooks are in a tactile format that intrigues all ages, as they turn it inside out the information just keeps flowing. Just like a good book - you cannot put them down. Great for use while home-schooling and the rip-resistant synthetic paper and long life hinges ensure they last beyond 10,000 turns.


ZooBooKoo Add and Subtract

  • Conforms to current UK and European safety standards.
  • A fun & intriguing way for children to learn 
  • Supports & complements the national curriculum 
  • Level 2 suitable for 5 years +
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years
  • 9781904359029
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