Djeco Crazy Motors

Djeco Crazy Motors

Jul 31, 2023 · #cars · #crazymotors · #djeco · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Our Favourite Brands

We are super excited at Crafts4Kids to welcome the latest fabulous range from Djeco - Crazy Motors

Djeco's Crazy Motors is a result of a wacky desire to get off the beaten track by inventing a resolutely crazy collection of racing cars, the antithesis of realistic small cars and licensed models. Hours of fun and games, with imagination taking centre stage!

Each crazy driver has their own unique crazy car that reflects their personality and everything is of the highest quality, from the metal structure to the metallic reflections on the bodywork and the suspension on each car! The driver's head swivels to keep their competitors in sight, the tyres are made from rubber for sensational skids and the suspension is soft for an ultra-smooth ride and a bouncy effect!

Choose between two exciting styles - Urban styling or racing-style engine: Crazy Motors will fuel the daily imagination of children aged 3 to 10 (and older!).


The eccentric details of the metallic bodywork blend with the zany curves of these urban-style cars, whose wacky drivers won't go unnoticed by pedestrians! Night and day, you can hear the sound of horns in the distance, the blinding glare of traffic lights here and the squeal of tyres on wet concrete there, at the junction of two streets lined with apartment blocks!


With their foot on the accelerator, the 12 drivers competing in the Crazy Motors race are ready to get their engines roaring! With their open cockpits and uniquely detailed bodywork, they hurtle down the track with the sole aim of crossing the finish line first! Which of these 12 cars will win the Crazy Motors Cup?

There is also a crazy truck for fast repairs of cars that have gone off the road during the race, a city circuit that doubles as a puzzle and of course a vibrantly colourful garage to house all your Crazy Motors! 

Get revving those engines now!!

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