Educational Toys

Educational Toys

Jul 4, 2022 · #educationaltoys · baby toys · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Djeco · Educational Games

By educational toys Crafts4Kids means toys that have been designed to enhance kids natural development by assisting children to develop new abilities. In essence an educational toy is one that stimulates your child to think and learn. Before buying an educational toy gift you will also need to consider suitability, functionality, durability and the age of the child before purchasing. Here are a few basic tips:

Look at the age recommendations for products – many products are suitable for all ages (from 3 upwards generally due to safety considerations) so don’t be put off by a 3+ recommendation if the child you are buying for is older.  A good educational toy can last a child a good many years.  Where a more specific age recommendation is given think about the ability of the child too – some children are perfectly capable of enjoying products aimed at an older age group, similarly some children will still enjoy products aimed at a younger age group. Crafts4Kids tries to add a suggested age range as well as giving the manufacturers age recommendation.  We have also split out the Educational Toys category into Toys for Babies where toys are designed for the very young, 1 year through to 2 years and are brilliant at developing manual dexterity, spark imaginations and encourage young babies and toddlers to explore texture, colour and sounds.   The Pre-school Toys are designed for toddlers from approx 3 years up to the first year of primary school and develop manual dexterity further as well as fine motor skills and thinking and concentration skills.  

Djeco Topanifarm Stacking Cubes

Djeco Magnetic Fishing Games

Djeco Turtle and Friends Lift Out Wooden Puzzle

Always consider what your child enjoys and finds appealing – you may want to read more about toys and learning styles to assist here. If the educational toy gift you buy fits their style preferences, they are more likely to enjoy it and therefore to play with it! Think about the mix of toys the child has already as these will provide a clue as to what they enjoy; equally it may provide the opportunity for you to think about a different type of toy to develop an area of your child's interests that is currently unexplored.  To get inspired visit our Educational Toy collection where you can find toys filtered by a similar theme (i.e; dinosaur toys, Princess Toys, Car Toys) and you can then filter the toys down by age to help you with your selection.

If you are buying a toy that should last a long time, such as a wooden toy, make sure you buy a reputable toy brand as these toys will have been designed to withstand long term play. Although toys manufactured by reputable manufacturers may cost more they will last longer and can be passed on to be used by other children in the family too so they are the better value option.  We love the Djeco Wooden Toys, Maileg Soft Play Toys, Moulin Roty Wooden Toys and Eeboo Puzzles as classic educational toys that will last and last all siblings, 

Enjoy your browsing for Educational Toys at Crafts4Kids!

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