Introducing Cotton Twist!

Introducing Cotton Twist!

Aug 30, 2022 · #cottontwist · #craftkits · #plasticfree · Arts and Crafts For Kids · Crafts 4 Kids Blog

We are super excited to welcome the gorgeous Cotton Twist to Crafts4Kids! 

An inspiration for parties & play, Cotton Twist are a UK brand who pride themselves on making activities & gifts you'll love to give and children will love to receive. Nostalgic, chic, simple and inherently satisfying, crafts draw upon a palette of raw materials from lolly sticks to boxes and from twine to felt. Wave goodbye to all that plastic!

Crafts are carefully designed to spark learning & play in a fun & imaginative way. A world of make believe is ready to be uncovered.

Perfect activities for party bags, stocking fillers, wedding day activities, travelling and rainy days.

Cotton Twist was set up by Anne-Clare in 2015 after the birth of her third child. With her older two constantly at parties, she started to tire of the plastic rubbish they brought home in party bags.

Anne-Clare thinks it's fair to say she has never been one to keep it simple...

Why buy a cake when you could stay up until all hours making one? Why purchase a birthday card when you could rummage through the craft drawer & create one? Why just read inspiring blogs when you could write your own?

True to form then, Anne-Clare channelled her 'excess energy' into a raft of gorgeous products and activities to spark creativity in the sphere of gifts and celebrations.

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