Ten Super Duper Craft Kits for Kids!

Ten Super Duper Craft Kits for Kids!

Apr 11, 2023 · #craftkits · Arts and Crafts For Kids · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Sewing Kits For Kids · The Make Arcade

We are super excited to welcome the gorgeous The Make Arcade to Crafts4Kids! 

The Make Arcade is the home of happy crafts! 

Working from their colourful craft studio in Salisbury in the UK they are bringing craft to a new generation with their range of happy craft kits. From embroidery to sewing, cross stitch to pom-poms they have creative and mindful projects suitable for complete beginners or crafting pros.

The Make Arcade was founded by Ruth back in 2013 who wanted to share her love of craft and DIY to new generations of makers and launched the first range of TMA craft kits. After nearly nine years establishing The Make Arcade as a leading craft kit brand they now produce thousands of kits with their enthusiastic and dedicated design and production team. All products are designed in The Make Arcade's happy studio in Salisbury and all kits are proudly made in the UK and that’s the way they intend for it to continue!

The Make Arcade is a gorgeous addition to our fabulous range of crafts for younger and older kids as well as teens and adults too! 

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