Toys for 1 year olds

Toys for 1 year olds

Aug 1, 2022 · baby toys · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · musical toys · Night Lights · Wooden Toys

The ideal gift for a 1 year old should be visually appealing and grab their attention, very young children love brightly coloured toys with lots of contrasts. Look for fun, bright colours and big illustrations that will attract babies' attention.  



We love the Djeco My First Lift Out Puzzle  and the range of Djeco Musical toys, especially the Djeco Maracas make lovely presents.   


Ideal toys for a 1 year old or 2 year olds are wooden pull along toys which are good for developing hand to eye co-ordination, manual dexterity and colour recognition. Stacking blocks also start off learning to count in a fun, relaxed way. Making up stories with puppets is always fun and musical boxes are soothing at bedtime.


For a gift that will be cherished, look beautiful in a child's bedroom and be just that little bit different why not consider a night light that emits a soft glow?


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